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Leadership and People Management Course

The purpose of this level of professional training in leadership is to introduce participants and aspiring members to key issues in leadership and people management for operations success. It is divided into five main Modules, with sub-sections. The Modules build on each order and each Module imparts specific aspects of leadership knowledge and skills

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You will Learn

Introduction to Leadership
Fundamentals of Leadership
Emotional Intelligence
Conflict Management
Change Management

Course Format

This course is delivered completely in text with a simple writing style for easy understanding. The approach to Leadership is based on clear academic norms of exposition and analysis, which for the sake of this course is designed for easy assimilation. Reading is made easier for the student with the placement of relevant bibliography/references at the end of the course, rather than insertion of references within the course.

Course Requirements

The course is to be taken between 27th August 2018 to 29th September 2018, in preparation for the Leadership Certification exam. Date of which would be communicated subsequently.

Course Benefits

Upon successful completion of this Leadership Course, officers would gain valuable knowledge and insight into:
(1) The meaning of leadership, the challenges presented by a leader`s operating environment and the impact of effective leadership;
(2) Basic leadership principles, approaches to leadership and the role of trust in leadership;
(3) The role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in leadership and team building;
(4) Leadership and conflict management, as well as approaches to conflict resolution; and
(5) How leadership can be a catalyst for effective change management.

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