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NARC’s Learning Management System is a world class platform that is designed to enable training providers deliver their contents to a wide range of students online at any point in time.

Beyond the delivery of lectures and training, this platform would also enable you conduct and manage online and offline (classroom based) examination and test for your students.

While it is pertinent to note that the design of this system address modern day learning issues; our LMS which is a market – leading learning management system combines traditional classroom-based e-learning methods with cutting edge techniques such as gamification, social learning, multi-tenancy, among others.

NARC LMS gives its users the flexibility they need to transform the way lectures are delivered to address the individual learner’s needs.

With this LMS, your students would enjoy the privilege of learning anytime, anywhere; using their laptops, tablets or even smart phones.




Increased number of students: This LMS is designed to effectively serve over 1,000,000 students (online and offline) concurrently. This means you can engage as many students as you wish on this platform.

Wider Coverage: Due to the cloud capabilities of this platform, you can enrol students from anywhere in the world on this platform, your institution would enjoy a global coverage thereby giving more students the opportunity to enrol in any of your courses from anywhere in the world.

Increased Revenue from increased Number of online students: With the increased number of students from around the world, there would be an unprecedented rise in your institution’s revenue.

Strengthening your Brand: This partnership will further strengthen your brand as this a frontline promoter of E-learning.

Publicity Upon signing of this partnership, all courses offered by your institution would be listed in your global website for global visibility and specialised digital media adverts.

Short implementation period: The platform has a deployment timeline of less than six weeks.

 Integration into existing Universities E-Library: This feature allows the LMS to integrate into any agreed e-Library of renowned world class universities.

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