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.Health Information Management System
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NA HIMS is a leader in Healthcare Technology solutions providers offering a wide range of products including Electronic Medical record ( EMR ) , Hospital Management Solutions, Radiology & Machine Interfacing , Doctor to Patient Communication , Lab Automation and 50+ custom made solutions resulting into smarter business and better patient care in Australia and the United States of America This is a partnership backed by a team of seasoned, certified software and hardware Professionals who have over the years assisted in the planning, design, deployment and maintenance support of large platforms within and outside Nigeria using global best practice principles.


Manage the entire health care agencies (Public and Private) from a single platform with just a click of a button from anywhere in the world.

Revenue Generation: The successful implementation of this HMIS will open up a new and guaranteed revenue source for the organization

Monitoring:  With the deployment of HMIS, the organization would be able to effectively monitor, appraise and review the performance of all the healthcare centres under it.

Reporting: With the deployment of HMIS, the state health management stake holders would be getting systems generated reports from the platform. These reports can be used by the state to plan, control and effectively manage all hospitals.

Improved Healthcare system: With the deployment of HMIS, all participating hospitals, clinics and other agency will begin to operate at more efficient ways since their operations are all now automated.

Automate utilization management: Automatically process referral and authorization requests leveraging built-in integration with standard guidelines you customize to meet your business needs and markets.

Improve disease management: Identify, evaluate, enroll, and engage customers to close gaps in care. Use all channels and devices to gain the most complete picture of progress.

Personalize case management: Using business rules and enterprise information, create and deliver the most effective, personalized treatment plan for the acute consumer/patient situation.

Streamline wellness programs: Identify and remind members to choose healthy behaviors and incentives. Coordinate with their care team to deliver the best value care.

Maintain compliance: Define and manage business rules to maintain high-performing compliant operations.

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