Certified Human Resource Manager

..Certified Human Resource Manager

Certified Human Resource Manager




Certified Human Resource Manager Course Overview

The Human Resource issues facing today’s business owners and managers.
You do not always have expertise to deal with the many employee relationship issues,you face,and yet you will be expected to make decision that are both
effective and legal. This Certified Human Resources Manager [CHRM] Certification will walk you through the hiring process,from performing a skills inventory to conducting the interview,discuss orientation and cover some issues that arise after the hiring process[such as diversity issues,compensation,and discipline]
Employee dispute resolution through mediation will be looked into. Performance review to ensure employee development will be dissected to help with career and succession planning.
Organizations with people who are engaged,motivated and yes,talented will continue to enjoy growth,success or even just stability.

 Target Audience
Team Leaders
Human Resource Managers/Directors
Organizational Development Directors
Non-HR Managers



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