Negotiation Skills Training

..Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation Skills Training

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Negotiation Skills Training Course Overview

Negotiation skills Training is key to winning in business,when mastered, can enhance communications and provide better results from communication.

From time to time,disagreements and conflicts will arise as the differing wants,beliefs and aims of people are brought together.
Such conflicts can lead to arguments and resentment resulting in one or all the parties feeling unhappy.

We negotiate, influence and persuade on a daily basis. As we buy and sell, manage workers, work for supervisors and deal with clients, colleagues, suppliers, family and friends.Successful negotiation requires collaboration with others and an ability to shift perspective and gain insight into their motivations in order to form a win/win agreement.Navigating the negotiation minefield requires advanced communication skills; 
defined procedures; manipulation survival strategies; precise planning; effective listening skills; and much more

By the end of this Course,you will be able to 
1. Understand the basics of negotiation
2. Describe the negotiation process
3. Use appropriate strategies for win-win outcomes
4. Develop an action plan to improve negotiation skills

Target Audience
Team Leaders
Human Resource Managers/Directors
Organizational Development Directors


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