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Project Quality Management

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Project Quality Management Course Overview

Rework and defects are a direct outcome of lack of attention to quality. With a focus on the PMBOK[Project Management Body of Knowledge] 6th Edition 
this course focuses on best practices that will drive projects to create quality products,services and results.
The higher the rework, more time and money being wasted and busting the cost 
and schedule baseline. 
Lack of attention to quality needlessly add considerable risk to the project which results in the tremendous amount of rework
and added expense. It is important to know at the onset of the project on what acceptable quality is and how it will be measured on the project. 
This process of performing the Quality Management process helps avoid many issues at a later stage of the project.
Quality management has two goals:

1.Ensuring a quality end-product.
2.Ensuring that all of the processes involved during the project lifecycle are carried out efficiently.

By managing quality, project managers can ensure a successful project and increased customer satisfaction. Project managers can also increase their 
bottom line with the boost in productivity. And, we can use PMBOK practices to achieve these goals.

Who is it for?
Project managers
Project Team Members


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