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Today, learning institutions at all levels face lots of challenges on a daily basis just to operate the daily administration. Processes like declaration of results, data management, fee collection, timetable management, attendance management of both staff and students and other similar functions are done manually. This in turn, takes a lot of time, energy and resources. To succeed in everyday tasks of schools, there is an imminent need to modernize education with cloud, mobile and digital technologies to improve operational efficiency and manage the schools effectively. Herein lies the need for a School Information Management System (SIMS).

The idea of having a School Information Management System (SIMS) is to modernize and ease the administration and management of institutions of learning by creating a centralized repository of data collected from all primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Edo State via electronic portals, analyze data and show in form of different KPIs to help State and Executive Stakeholders in these institutions make quick and data-driven decisions. With a SIMS in place, data collection, analysis and dashboards for monitoring KPIs from all subscribed primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will be automated and up to date automatically by a computerized system.


  • Increases Productivity: Our SMS boosts the productivity of the schools. This is due to the decreased time to maintain the track records and increased accuracy in organizing the data. Less time helps to keep the management focused on the productivity of the school.
  • Access from anywhere: The SMS can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by authorized users. A record of everything can be kept due to its easy accessibility. It also facilitates providing immediate information.
  • Transparency with parents’ increases: Our SMS can be made available in the cloud, which allows the interaction with the parents as well. Parents can check on their children from time to time and keep a track of their progress in their studies. This leads to the transparency between the parents, their children and the school.
  • Reduction in the cost of communication: All the relevant data is made available on our SMS hence there is a reduction in the cost of communication, which includes calling and sending out messages to let the parents and student know about the various activities within the school.
  • Reduces Workload: The workload upon the staff members is reduced as the teachers need to be technology driven. This leads them to use the SMS to send out the required data to the students and their parents over the system. It reduces the workload from the teachers and saves time
  • Other benefits include:
  • Reduces man-hours wasted on data collation, transmission and upload of school students’ data.
  • Eliminates human errors of the current manual process of students’ data management.
  • Prevents data manipulation of students’ data thereby ensuring information security.
  • Saves time as it speeds up the process of information exchange between Schools and other stakeholders.
  • It removes guesswork and ensure accuracy in decision making to aid the management of schools nationwide.
  • Provides real time information on schools and students’ performance.
  • Helps to streamline the operations and management of schools.

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